Just a Touch

Gold captures hearts and imaginations. For thousands of years, the precious metal’s beauty and rarity have been synonymous with wealth and luxury. Gold still weaves its magic, adding a touch of richness to our Joy Collection of accent tables. Here, less is more. Always shimmer, never shine. Infuse your space with the warmth and inner glow of Joy.

Beautifully Natural

Naturally One of a Kind

Each Joy piece begins with Portland cement combined with sand, clean water, and premium ramie fibers as natural bonding materials. Exquisite symmetry and finesse attest to time-tested European design and hand-manufacturing techniques. Hand finishing and polishing create a Venetian-style silky touch. As the final step, artisans hand-apply multiple layers of gold lacquer until each table reflects just the right level of gleam. No two are alike—they are as distinctive as your spaces.

Kiss a Space with Warmth

Jewels Adorning Any Space

The jewel box of our Perpetual collection, Joy accent tables subtly shift the ambiance of any space. Inject spark into a modern indoor roomscape. Kindle a glow in a traditional setting. Gold lives outdoors equally well, resonating with sunrises and sunsets. Group Joy tables to light up a space. Or accent muted Perpetual furniture with a mischievous glimmer. Select Joy for a kiss of warmth and the assurance of well being in any living space.

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